We at Capitaland Animal Hospital celebrate the special companionship that cats share with us. Cats outnumber dogs as the favorite pet in America, yet fewer cats are seen for preventive healthcare than dogs. Even though cats may live indoors, they are still prone to a variety of illnesses that can be detected by routine physical examination (for example dental disease, ear and skin infections, heart disease, arthritis, abdominal masses) and simple laboratory tests (for example diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, anemia). Because of the unique nature of cats, owners often do not recognize signs of disease or the benefit of routine examinations. In addition, cats do not like change, so the visit to our office can be stressful for everyone.

In order to serve our cat patients and their owners better, we have begun to implement the Cat Friendly Practice, a program designed to improve our delivery of your cat’s healthcare. The Cat Friendly Practice is a training program that looks at all aspects of our clinic, staff and services so that we can help ensure the safety and comfort of our cat patients and their owners while providing excellent healthcare. This training begins with helping you find ways to make the visit to us less stressful and keeping your cat comfortable while with us. Cats are special! And we want to help them share a long and healthy life with you.

The healthcare team at Capitaland Animal Hospital is a group of highly trained and dedicated staff who encourage you to seek us first when you have questions regarding the health and well-being of your cat. We have local and online specialists with advanced training who assist us in diagnosing more complicated cases. To help you better understand your best friend, we suggest the following websites which are excellent sources of information for you and your cat. Videos on how to make your cat more accepting of the carrier, resources for enriching the indoor environment to decrease stress and undesirable behaviors, and common diseases and signs of illness are provided by websites that offer information that has been reviewed and accepted by veterinarians.

Here is Dr. Elizabeth Colleran of the American Association of Feline Practitioners with more information about the benefits of a Cat Friendly Practice, courtesy of Steve Dale’s Pet World: The Benefits of a Cat Friendly Practice