In 2012 a program called the Cat Friendly Practice was developed to train veterinarians and their staff to understand the special behavioral and physical needs of cats. The purpose of the program was to reverse the trend that fewer cats than dogs were being seen for routine physical examinations despite outnumbering them as pets two to one.

The staff at Capitaland Animal Hospital embraced the techniques that help cats feel less threatened and more secure in the unfamiliar territory of the clinic. Simply recognizing the common things that cause distress in our feline patients helped reduce their discomfort and increased our ability to care for them. Getting anxious cats quickly into exam rooms and away from the noise of the reception area, using calming pheromones in the exam rooms, employing gentle handling techniques and being quick to recognize that unwilling cats are often painful cats all helped convince our cat patients (and their owners) that we weren’t so bad!

It wasn’t long before we found that we were using the same techniques to keep our canine patients calm. In 2015 the veterinary community launched the Fear Free Certification Program in recognition that many pets experience stress and anxiety when they visit us. We quickly signed on! Our doctors worked through eight 1-hour modules to receive Fear Free Certified Professional status and regularly train our staff to recognize and alleviate anxious pets. Using soft voices, slow movements and lots of treats can make a huge difference in how your pet experiences his visit to our clinic.

Regular preventive care and screening for early signs of problems keep your pet healthy and decrease costs, so we think you and your pet should look forward to your visit! We strive to care for you and your pet like we would want to be cared for. Welcome to Capitaland Animal Hospital – we’re the vets your pets trust!