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Some dog treats may not be safe for your dog.

By December 11, 2017 June 20th, 2023 No Comments

It is very common for people to give their pets presents for the holidays.  Bones and things to chew are common treats to put in your pet’s stocking, but may not be the best choice.  The FDA has a list of things to consider before buying a bone for your dog:

We add that bones (and antlers) are actually harder than tooth enamel and chewing them can result in tooth fracture.  The most common tooth that fractures is the upper fourth premolar, or carnassial tooth.  Vertical fractures often result in pulp cavity exposure requiring extraction (or a root canal if you prefer!).

If you like to give your dog something to chew, find soft flexible toys and always supervise your dog when chewing on any toy.  Call us if you have questions about safe treats for the holidays (or anytime!).



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